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Promoting mental health awareness 2023 : Soar Initiative.

Everyone was pleased to see Soar marking World Mental Health day. Here is a post about how painting can benefit mental health.

To mark World mental health day at Soar, I went to an acrylic painting session and this is what I thought.

It was great to be at this session, it was non judgemental and people of all abilities were able to take part.  I personally came out of this session feeling calm, composed and much happier. It got me thinking why does art have such a positive impact on mental health?


Not only can painting boost confidence, it is also used to help people with depression and anxiety through it's calming effect - as it requires a deep level of concentration. By being mindful while painting, you can become fully relaxed and grounded in the present moment and forget about negative emotions whilst engaging in painting. Painting can also inspire creativity and self expression whilst boosting levels of self esteem.  In addition to the artistic focus of the day, there was also a chance to talk with others and share emotions

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