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To find out more about our work, get in touch and speak to one of our team about the various oppertunities that you can become involved with. 


The management team is made up of people with
lived experience of mental health issues and their friends and families.

INFORM Cwm Taf Morgannwg is a service user led organisation that supports people with lived experience of mental health. We provide support to service users, carers and groups to engage with various opportunities to help improve and influence services with mental health and the wider community.

Our members come from a range of different backgrounds and reflect the diversity of the people of the South Wales Valleys. 


We are passionate about our work, and the way that we work. Our aim is to support the development of our communities to be better connected and more resilient.


We hope to inspire people to become more involved in their own wellbeing and support them in sharing their stories in safe forums and enable them to share resources that work for them.

Sharon Phillips

Founder and Lead Consultant

Starting as a Service User Representative in 2014 for the Together for Mental Health Partnership Board, I have been able to share my lived experience to consult on and improve services both locally and nationally.


Specialising in engagement and development projects, I  work collaboratively and ethically with a wide network of contacts and stakeholders to influence strategies and improve communication within services. 

I am passionate about empowering other service users and enhancing their skills and knowledge to improve their own mental wellbeing. With particular interest in ensuring that people have the correct information when they first access mental health services and how they can share their own experiences to improve services.

Maggie Cee

Marketing and Media Consultant

Formerly a graphic designer, I became a service user representative in 2018 after publishing my own mental health magazine. Having ADHD and Cyclothymia (Bipolar) means that I cannot work consistently, but when well enough, I like to contribute where I can to various projects particularly around suicide prevention where I have found a niche for my enthusiasm and direct experiences. My website is


I am also a Samaritan, although currently not as active as I am engaged in work with a task group for preventing specific issues around cocaine related suicides.


Youth Champion

Keira Phillips

17 year old Keira has faced a number of mental health difficulties over the years and continues to overcome the challenges by helping other people and speaking openly about her mental health. Her personal achievements were acknowledged at the Wales Mental Health Awards 2023 by winning the most Inspiring Young Person of the Year. 

Keira has experienced first hand the lack of mental health support available in schools and education and is determined to change this and advocate for students. 


Disability and Welsh Language Champion 

Tomas Evans

Having battled with ill health from a young age, Tom is a keen advocate for Disability and mental health issues associated with being disabled.

I have experienced the impact of isolation on a persons' mental health and have worked alongside Disability sport Merthyr to form my own inclusive social cycling group, where we welcome people of all abilities and I understand the benefit of sport and physical activity on mental health. 

Information about Active Wheels can be found at:   Facebook

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