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Pedaling Towards Wellness: How Cycling Boosts Mental Health

I been physically unwell from the age of 3 with symptoms such as pain , malaise and frequent infections ; I have had various hospital trips and stays.

I didn't have a social life, my only friends were the doctors and nurses who were treating me. I received lots of misdiagnoses and was very scared and afraid at this time.

At the age of 09 , I had a brain haemorrhage which left me hemiplegic on the left side. I had lots of intense physiotherapy for several years to rehabilitate.

In 2016 , I recieved a bone marrow transplant in the Heath hospital. The emotional impact of ill health has been so profound that there were days that i didnt know where to turn.

Cycling has had such a tremendous impact on me personally that I decided to share my passion with others struggling , so I founded my own inclusive social cycling group called Active Wheels and with the help of other volunteers, we bring group cycling opportunities to those who may be struggling emotionally or physically. Cycling with people who understand your situation is an invaluable part of group cycling with Active wheels.

As someone with PTSA , I understand that cycling can offer physical benefits especially in the management of the physiological symptoms of anxiety. The emotional impact of being outdoors is why I love cycling as it helps me be mindful of my thoughts and appreciate nature.

Tomas Evans 2003

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